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Services Provided for Children


The World Health Organization says that your "health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being (emphasis mine) and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.”   

Treatment with Children Includes Parents

When your child is experiencing emotional, developmental, or school difficulties, you and I work together to see how we can best help your child.   Treatment for your child may involve individual play and/or verbal therapy.  In our collaborative consultations, we identify what clinical treatment focus might best help your child.   Depending on your child's needs, examples of some treatment goals might include improving:

  •     Verbal expression
  •     Ability for self-observation
  •     Impulse control
  •     Capacities to trust and relate to others
  •     Adaptive ways of coping


Parent Authorization for Minor's Health Treatment

In order to authorize mental health treatment for your child, you must have either sole or joint legal custody of your child.  If you are separated or divorced from the other parent of your child, I will ask you to provide me with a copy of the most recent custody decree that establishes custody rights of you and the other parent or otherwise demonstrates that you have the right to authorize treatment for your child.

If you are separated or divorced from your child's other parent, please be aware that it is my policy to notify the other parent that I am meeting with your child.  I believe that all parents have the right to know, unless there are truly exceptional circumstances, that their child is receiving mental health evaluation or treatment.

One risk of child therapy involves disagreement among parents and or disagreement between parents and the therapist regarding the child's treatment.  If such disagreements occur I will strive to listen carefully so that I can understand your perspectives and fully explain my perspective.  We can resolve such disagreements or we can agree to disagree, so long as this enables your child's therapeutic progress.  Ultimately, parents decide whether therapy will continue.  If either parent decides that therapy should end, I will honor that decision unless there are extraordinary circumstances.   However in most cases, I will ask that you allow me the option of having a few closing sessions with your child to appropriately end the treatment relationship.


Individual Parent/Guardian Communications with Me

In the course of my treatment of your child, I may meet with parents/guardians either separately or together.  Please be aware that at all times, my patient is your child - not the parents/guardians, nor any siblings or other family members of the child.